The Master of the Realm wants your help. We need evil minions to support our cause and spread the word about Dark Realm. Your devotion and swift actions comes with certain rewards, including the eternal gratitude of the Master himself, and the ability to earn free merchandise. Thant’s right, you get perks! In fact, if you help the cause enough we may even let you keep your soul………..


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  • Register – 5,000 points (Limited Time only, points drop to 1,000 on June 1, 2016)
  •  Refer a Friend – 500 points per person
  •  Complete your Dark Realm Profile – up to 1,000 points
  •  Share a page or post – 250 points (you may share each only once per week using the share buttons at the bottom of each page/post/merchandise item- no spamming your friends for a free t-shirt!)
  •  Purchase the Dark Realm DVD – 666 points


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