Are you ready to discover dark, sticky fun?
Have you been looking for a Horror movie that goes far beyond all the normal offerings out there?
Check out  Dark Realm – It’s a groundbreaking feature Horror movie that combines Ron Fitzgerald’s shocking Gothic illusion performances, shot in front of a live audience, and artistically blended with a provocative Horror story along with some amazing music and rolls it all into one wildly entertaining indie film!
As the show plays on, Dark Realm tells the story of a Master illusionist who may actually be in league with evil forces to assure his success. His deadly secret may bring destruction for him, his lover Raven,  and everyone else in his strange show of macabre mysteries.
 Starring Ron Fitzgerald, Vincent Bilancio and Kaylee Williams.
A new cult Horror movie classic is born!
  Get it now, streaming or on DVD, and dare yourself to enter the Dark Realm!

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